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Guestlink is used by leading UK tourist boards and destinations. It is the UK's fastest growing online booking and management system, enabling tourism businesses to manage their own information through easy-to-use software. Guestlink is completely mobile, tablet and PC friendly so you can update at home, work or on the move.

We offer a range of tools to take online bookings, increase revenue and advertise your business to its maximum potential. Our experts can also advise you on how to promote your business effectively and how to catch the eye of potential guests.

Why use Guestlink?

  • Access to Guestlink online is FREE
  • Quick and easy to use on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop
  • Great support 7 days a week
  • Supports most eCommerce Merchant Accounts
  • Designed & developed in consultation with providers

What can Guestlink do?

  • Manage property information including images
  • Provide flexible pricing options for all accommodation types
  • Provide 1-click availability updates
  • Show potential advertising channels in your area
  • Manage all bookings in one place
  • Links to online travel agents - Booking.com
  • Holds a database of customers for future marketing opportunities

We have recently released Guestlink Version 4 to make it easier to use on all devices: mobile, tablet or desktop. We have also simplified the menus and positioned them so that they are easy to access. We have made Favourites more prominent and easy to use for quick access to your most-used menus on mobile and tablet devices.

We have rewritten tools to be more user friendly and without the need to use popup boxes.

We have taken advantage of modern technology for you to easily upload images direct from your mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop.

Please note that Guestlink Version 4 only works in IE8 or higher and all modern browsers like Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome for security reasons.

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Our Products

The Guestlink + Starter Pack allows you to maximise the benefits from your free Guestlink logon by taking online reservations and bookings from a variety of channels including a grid on your own website.

The GL + Pro Pack enables you to keep your costs down by signing up for a fixed annual or monthly rate. You can use all the best functionality available in Guestlink.

The Guestlink + Channels pack allows you to easily market your business to national and worldwide channels with a single Guestlink update.

The Guestlink + Connect Pack enables you to update availability and pricing using your external PMS without any additional work. The pack includes Guestlink + Affiliates and Guestlink + Booking Extras to make the most of the updates.

The Guestlink + Attractions Pack allows you to list local accommodation on your own website and earn commission on each bookig. You can also sell your own products and tickets using Guestlink + eShop.

If you are with an participating tourism organisation then you are eligible for discounted rates on Guestlink + Products. If you are unsure if your tourism organisation is taking part then please contact Guestlink Helpdesk.

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