Guestlink + Affiliates

Guestlink + Affiliates

Guestlink + Affiliates gives your property the opportunity to be bookable on our affiliated websites with no additional updating of availability as these channels are all linked directly to your Guestlink account.

All bookings are managed by you in Guestlink including taking online payment using on of our integrated merchant account providers. You get all the customer details unlike booking made through Online Tourism Agencies who may withhold emails address' or telephone numbers. Guestlink encourages you to maintain a person touch with your guests and you will have a database of all your customers for future marketing opportunities.

The list of websites bookable through Guestlink + Affiliates is increasing all the time. These include many destination websites like; Golakes, visit Peak District and the New Forest plus national websites like Roomcheck and UK Great Breaks.

We also work with local venues and attraction websites show bookable accommodation so that visitors can easily extend their stay using Guestlink + Overnighter. This helps promote the local area and build relationships with local attractions.

Appearing on these websites advertises your business to different audiences and is a great way of increasing your bookings. Customers who are visiting the area will see your property on all the websites and with increased exposure your business and the local economy can benefit.

Key Benefits

  • Increase advertising potential: Advertise on many other websites with one update
  • Increase bookings: More exposure equals more bookings
  • Reach more visitors: Extend the websites you are published on
  • Cost effective: Low commissions
  • Works with Guestlink: Updating your Guestlink account will update all the channels

How do I find out which channels I can link to?

In your Guestlink account under the Channels tab you will see a list of affiliated websites you could potentially be bookable on.

In this list of channels you have the option to opt in or opt out at anytime.

We charge commission on bookings after checkout and provided you have updated the status in Guestlink we do not charge commission on cancelled or no show bookings.

Our Channels

What do I do now?

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How do I sign up?

You can sign up for Guestlink + Products online through your Guestlink account. You will need to login and navigate to My Guestlink > Online Signup.

You will need to complete a Direct Debit sign up first so we can collect any commissions/annual fees. When you sign up using Direct Debit you have a 14 day cooling off period before any money is collected.

Alternatively you can download our full sign up form and send it back to us via email, fax or post.

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