Guestlink + Booking Extras

Guestlink + Booking Extras allows you to enhance your guests' stay by offering them the option to purchase extras when they book your property online through any Guestlink channel. This allows you to increase the value of your bookings and make your guests' stay extra special.

Wherever you take online bookings through Guestlink you could be selling extras such as flowers, hampers, wine, chocolates or even things like late check outs and pet charges. We have a range of payment options available so you can make the most of all your personal touches and increase your revenue without the necessity of additional updating. All the extras can be offered on your own website alongside Guestlink + Web Booking or on our partner websites with Guestlink + Affiliates and all are clearly shown in Guestlink when a booking is received.

Allowing the booking of extras when a customer books your property means you can manage your stock levels and manage expectations of guests before they even arrive.

You can also use + Booking Extras to entice your customers to stay longer with tickets for attractions, fishing permits or bike hire. The only thing limiting what extras you can offer is your imagination!

Key Benefits

  • Generate more income: Sell extras to guests before they arrive
  • Enhance your guests' stay: Make your guests' stay extra special
  • More choice: Allow visitors to choose optional extras
  • Flexible: May be used to sell a range of different products
  • No integration required: Extras automatically show on the web booking form for all Guestlink-powered websites

How do I start using Guestlink + Booking Extras?

No integration is required to start using Guestlink + Booking Extras. You just describe each extra using the simple tool Update > + Booking Extras.

When your guests book online through participating websites, they are offered a list of extras to add to their stay, and can choose how many of each option they would like to purchase.

With the Pay As You Go option available for this product you will be able to use this without the need for any upfront costs or integration.

What do I do now?

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How will I be notified if someone has purchased extras?

When your guests make a booking, the extras they select will appear on their booking form.

You can view details of these extras on the booking details page in Guestlink under eCommerce > Bookings.

You can also keep track of which of your extras are selling well by looking at monthly performance statistics under Reports > Analytics.

See what your best sellers and help with arranging stock for the guest's arrival.

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