Guestlink + Diary

Guestlink + Diary is an easy-to-use online accommodation diary; you can safely and securely handle bookings made directly by yourself alongside those made online. You can see at a glance which guests are in which rooms and quickly add bookings made with you by telephone or in person.

You have complete control of your business and can move and update your bookings at any time. As soon as you make a change in Guestlink + Diary the availability grid is automatically updated on all your Guestlink-powered channels so future guests can see the latest availability.

With Guestlink + Diary you can record financial details including extras purchased at the time of booking, additional items purchased during the visit and any deposits received. This allows you to generate a customised invoice.

You can add notes of events in your area for planning your pricing and availability at peak times; see at a glance upcoming Bank Holidays, racing events or school holidays. The events function can also help you manage your cleaning and staffing management as it highlight busier periods of the year.

Guestlink + Diary has been fully optimised for use on PC, Tablet and mobile devices for you to update at home, work or on the move.

Key Benefits

  • Online: Information stored securely on your Guestlink account which can be accessed anytime, anywhere
  • Easy to use: Control of your availability, bookings and guests all in one place
  • Manage the financials: Record all items and print professional invoices.
  • Updates websites: Any changes you make in Diary automatically update any Guestlink-powered websites you are published on

Managing your bookings

Using + Diary you can quickly see at a glance which guests are booked with you, and for when, make amendments, change the status of existing bookings and process new bookings. This is clearly shown using the guest's name, and with a click or hover of your mouse you can see the booking details.

You can highlight special dates, school holidays and events when making any bookings or updating any status.

Bookings for returning customers can easily be identified and a list of all customers with their bookings exported; great for those with repeat business. You can also record details of your guests.

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Managing your guest's account

Changes can be made when entering the booking or during the guest's stay to add, for example, bar bill or breakfast charges.

Within + Diary you can enter any additional items and payments that you would have previously recorded manually and these would be included on the fully configurable invoices and confirmations. The custom invoices can be printed and/or emailed to your guests.

How do I sign up?

Guestlink Intro Pack

The Guestlink + Intro Pack has all you need to start taking online bookings from our affiliate partners and your website. It is quick and easy to integrate. The grid on your website can be themed to match your own website look and feel.

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Guestlink Diary Pack

The Guestlink + Diary Pack includes all the functionality of the Intro Pack enhanced with an easy-to-use online accommodation diary. It allows you to safely and securely manage bookings in one place.

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Guestlink Global Pack

The Guestlink + Global Pack has everything you need to take bookings through local and global channels. You manage all your bookings in one place, take bookings through your website and update directly.

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