Guestlink + Overnighter

Guestlink + Overnighter enables you to have your own accommodation mini-website and earn commission from every booking made.

By taking online bookings via your own mini-website you could turn a visitor to your site into a short break or holiday, promoting your attraction to the accommodation as well as to the customer.

Integrating seamlessly with your own website, Guestlink + Overnighter can be customised to link in with your site, for example, using your existing colours, graphics and layout.

You control who appears on your Guestlink + Overnighter, inviting your chosen accommodation providers and properties by a selection of criteria.

Guestlink + Overnighter is mobile and tablet friendly which means customer can book while they are at your attraction or while planning their visit from home.

Check out to see it in action.

Key Benefits

  • Accommodation mini-website
  • Generate extra revenue
  • Visitors can book accommodation
  • Increased visitor satisfaction
  • Promotion of your business to local accommodation providers

Earn extra revenue by encouraging visitors to the area

Every accommodation booking made through your mini-website is subject to a commission charged on the value of the booking.

You earn a share of every commission received.

By linking in with local accommodation providers and promoting tourism within your area, you can bring more people to the area and more to your attraction.

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How will I receive my commission share?

Commissions are collected from accommodation businesses the month after the guest completes their stay.

Guestlink calculate your commission share the month after we recieve the money and pay it into your chosen bank account. You can print a self billing invoice directly from Guestlink for your records.

Please note that if an accommodation provider pays later then we will not be able to provide you with your commission share until the payment has been recieved.

How do I sign up?

Guestlink + Attractions Pack

Sell products, tickets or merchandise using Guestlink + eShop and promote local accommodation and earn commission on bookings using Guestlink + Overnighter.

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