Guestlink + Reviews

Guestlink + Reviews

Guestlink + Reviews allows you to add a widget to your website which shows your latest reviews received through the Guestlink system.

Reviews are a great way of showing your potential guests just how great your property is in the eyes of guests who have stayed with you. Guest reviews have become more and more important to customers and build a level of trust for your property before they even arrive! With companies such as TripAdvisor becoming one of the first places customer go before booking why not show off your property on your own website and encourage the potential customer to book there and then.

Here at Guestlink we only allow "real" customer reviews which means you will not receive comments from customers who did not stay at your business. We send a review request 7 days after a guest stays and they complete the questionnaire. The review is automatically sent to your Guestlink account where you can see it to ensure that it is fair and factual. In cases where you do not believe the review is fair you do have the option of passing it through to the Reviews Administrator.

Guestlink + Reviews comes FREE with annual or monthly Guestlink + Web Booking options.

Key Benefits

  • Entice future customers
  • Closed to only customers who have stayed
  • Easy to integrate: We supply code for your website and help with integration
  • Low cost: Free with annual Guestlink + Web Booking

How do integrate Guestlink + Reviews

You can either integrate Guestlink + Reviews as widgets or as part of your Guestlink + Web Booking page.

You can either shows your latest reviews with each listing having a link to show full details or you can have a widget which shows all reviews in full.

We supply the coding that needs to be added into your website by yourself or your web designer; this takes seconds to do.

Check out to see it in action.

What do I do now?

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How do I sign up?

You can sign up for Guestlink + Products online through your Guestlink account. You will need to login and navigate to My Guestlink > Online Signup.

You will need to complete a Direct Debit sign up first so we can collect any commissions/annual fees. When you sign up using Direct Debit you have a 14 day cooling off period before any money is collected.

Alternatively you can download our full sign up form and send it back to us via email, fax or post.

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