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As one of the biggest online booking websites in the world, you can increase your advertising potential and revenue with

By using Guestlink to update your account you can reduce the risk of double bookings as all the bookings are managed in one central system.

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Guestlink + Worldwide

You will need to complete a sign up form for Guestlink + Worldwide.

We offer 3 payment options so you can choose the most cost effective for your business; Pay-As-You-Go, Monthly or Annual.

We recommend that if you are just starting out with the channel you opt for the Pay-As-You-Go option with Guestlink so you can see how it works for you. You can switch to either monthly or annual at any time if you find you are getting a large number of bookings from or your cost of stay is a higher value.

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Setup Instructions


Now you have setup your account and signed up for Guestlink + Worldwide you are ready to setup the link between the two for automatic updates. Follow the below instructions to get it all working. Configuration


Linking your account with Guestlink

Login into the chosen channels extranet, navigate to set Guestlink (NVG or New Vision Group) for a full 2-way connection. This will send a request through to Guestlink.

Note: You need to setup the rooms individually in the channel in order to map these to Guestlink with identifiable names for ease of mapping. You will also be required to set the occupancy. The occupancy needs to be entered exactly the same in Guestlink within Channels > + Worldwide.

Guestlink Configuration


Mapping your rooms/units

Login to Guestlink and navigate to Channels > + Worldwide. Enter your channel ID number and save. Upon saving your channel ID your rooms will become available for you to map with the rooms you have in Guestlink.

Once you have mapped the rooms, further options become available within Channels > + Worldwide. You have the choice to send certain rooms, send single occupancy and enter the numbers of days you would like to send across.

Dealing with Bookings


When you receive a booking you will be notified by Guestlink via email, text or both and you can see the customers details in your Guestlink account.

Note: If you wish to view the card details the customer has entered during the booking process you will need to login to the channels extranet.

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