Guestlink + Worldwide

Guestlink + Worldwide increases your online routes to market by distributing your accommodation availability and pricing to As one of the biggest online booking websites in the world you can increase your advertising potential and revenue with By using Guestlink + Worldwide to link your and Guestlink account you can also take advantage of the lower commission websites all from one central system.

When you update Guestlink or receive a booking, the change to your availability is immediately sent to each channel you are registered with including and your Guestlink channels.

Guestlink + Worldwide limits the risk of double bookings which can arise when updating multiple systems and reduces your workload. You can send limited availability so you can take only last minute bookings from which will in turn limit the commission you pay to them or you can send all your availability and prices, the choice is yours.

Using Guestlink + Worldwide means all your bookings are managed in one place safely and securely and accessible from anywhere.

We offer a range of payment options for any size of business and budget and will help you with the configuration and management of your bookings.

Key Benefits

  • Single update: Updating your availability and prices in Guestlink automatically updates
  • Updates Guestlink: Availability in Guestlink is automatically updated when you receive a booking
  • Manage bookings: See all of your bookings in Guestlink (including Guestlink + Diary)
  • Choose rooms: Select the rooms/units you want to distribute to

How does Guestlink + Worldwide work?

When you sign up, we map your details to

We send your availability and prices automatically instead of you logging into both systems.

When you receive a booking from, you will be notified and the booking will appear in Guestlink closing off your availability.

If you want to retrieve the credit card details, you will need to logon to the extranet at as Guestlink do not store card information.

What do I do now?

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How do I sign up?

You will need to complete a Direct Debit sign up first so we can collect any commissions/annual fees. When you sign up using Direct Debit you have a 14 day cooling off period before any money is collected.

You can download our full sign up form to sign up for Guestlink + Worldwide and send it back to us via email, fax or post.

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