Boost your advertising and reach a broader audience

Making sure your property is listed on as many channels as possible increases your booking potential.

When you update Guestlink or receive a booking, the change to your availability is immediately sent to each channel you are registered with.

We work with a range of local, regional and global channels including, TripAdvisor, Expedia, Hotel Bonanza and SpeedyBooker.

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Take bookings through global channels

As one of the biggest online booking websites in the world, you can increase your advertising potential and revenue with

By using Guestlink to update your account you can reduce the risk of double bookings as all the bookings are managed in one central system.

Reduce time updating multiple systems!

Using Guestlink + Worldwide means all your bookings are managed in one place safely and securely and accessible from anywhere and you only update once.

Single update: Updating Guestlink automatically updates, Hotel Bonanza, Expedia, SpeedyBooker and Pitchup.

Updates Guestlink: Guestlink is automatically updated when you receive a booking

Manage bookings: See all of your bookings one place

Choose rooms: Select the rooms/units you want to distribute to each channel

Mobile friendly: Update from anywhere, any time of day

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Advertise on local and regional channels

Give your property the opportunity to be bookable on our affiliated websites with no additional updating of availability.
Appearing on these websites advertises your business to different audiences and is a great way of increasing your bookings. Customers who are visiting the area will see your property on all the websites and with increased exposure, your business and the local economy can benefit.

Advertise for lower commission!

The list of websites bookable through Guestlink + Affiliates is increasing all the time. These include many destination websites like; Golakes, Visit Peak District and the New Forest plus national websites like Roomcheck.

Increase visibility: Advertise on many other websites with one update

Increase bookings: More exposure equals more bookings

Reach more visitors: Extend the websites you are published on

Cost effective: Low commissions

Works with Guestlink: Guestlink automatically updates all the channels

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Take bookings through TripAdvisor
Cumbria Tourism
Show me Wales
Discover Yorkshire Coast
Visit Blackpool
Discover Carlisle
Visit Hampshire
English Riviera
Visit Isle of Man
Visit Isle of Wight
Visit Dorset
Visit Ryedale
Go North Wales
Lake District National Park Authority
Long Distance Walkers Association

Roomcheck Advertising

Roomcheck is a national booking website that shows late availability and special offers for all types of accommodation across the UK. Roomcheck gives you the potential to reach a broader audience.

If you have signed up for Guestlink + Affiliates you receive a free entry on the website with online bookings and basic details. To make the most out of advertising on Roomcheck you can sign up for an Enhanced entry which includes additional details about your property, 10 images, links to your social media pages and to your website.

Advertise on Roomcheck

Catch the customer's eye!

By upgrading to an enhanced entry you can really showcase your property and generate bookings.

Affiliate entry but more: Additional details about your property to really show off

Guests love pictures: 10 images to spark their interest

Generate followers: Links to social media pages

Reviews: show what your previous guests had to say

Start advertising today with Roomcheck!

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