Manage bookings from online channels alongside direct bookings

Guestlink + Diary is an easy-to-use online accommodation diary for you to safely and securely handle bookings made directly by yourself alongside those made online.
Manage all you bookings in one place
Guestlink + Diary
Manage all your bookings in one secure place
Diary Invoicing
Professional Touch
Generate custom invoices & confirmations
Diary Analytics
Make informed decisions based on your statistics

Manage all your booking securely in one place

You can see at a glance which guests are in which rooms and quickly add bookings made with you by telephone or in person.

With Guestlink + Diary, you can record financial details including extras purchased at the time of booking, additional items purchased during the visit and any deposits received. This allows you to generate a customised invoice.

Manage your bookings

You have complete control of your business and can move and update your bookings at any time.

Online: Securely and can be accessed anytime, anywhere

Easy to use: Control of your availability, bookings and guests all in one place

Manage the financials: Record all items and print professional invoices.

Updates websites: Automatically updates any Guestlink-powered websites

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Update from anywhere

Need more info?

Using + Diary you can quickly see at a glance which guests are booked with you, and when, make amendments, change the status of existing bookings and process new bookings. This is clearly shown using the guest's name, and with a click or hover of your mouse, you can see the booking details.

You can highlight special dates, school holidays and events when making any bookings or updating any status.

Bookings for returning customers can easily be identified and a list of all customers with their bookings exported; great for those with repeat business. You can also record details of your guests.

Update from home or on the move!

With Guestlink you can manage your property from anywhere with an internet connection and take bookings online and direct while out and about.

Please note that Guestlink only works in IE8 or higher and all modern browsers like Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome for security reasons.

Update from anywhere

Do you offer extras?

Enhance your guests' stay by offering them the option to purchase extras when they book your property online. This can help you increase the value of your bookings and make your guests' stay extra special.

Wherever you take online bookings through Guestlink you could be selling extras such as flowers, hampers, wine, chocolates or even things like late check outs and pet charges.

You can setup the extras to only be available when you take a booking directly and the cost will be added to their bill.

Offer that little extra

Offer the little finishing touches

Generate more income: Sell extras to guests before they arrive

Enhance your guests' stay: Make your guests' stay extra special

More choice: Visitors love optional extras

Flexible: May be used to sell a range of different products

No integration required: Extras automatically show on the web booking form

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