Case Study: Hayloft Cottage in Wells next the Sea

Paula Baldry owner of Hayloft Cottage in Wells next the Sea has been using Guestlink since 2012.
She has been using Guestlink + Web Booking to take bookings through her website since 2013.
Hayloft Cottage has an overall review rating by guests of 5* and is complimented on being good value and a home from home.
Here is what she thinks about Guestlink and how it has helped her manage her business.
Hayloft Cottage Testimonial Hayloft Cottage

Since 2013 Hayloft Cottage has processed over £16,000 worth of bookings through Guestlink with 100% coming through their own website using Guestlink + Web Booking.

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Take bookings through your website

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Why not visit Hayloft Cottage's website to see how they have implemented Guestlink + Web Booking?

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