TripAdvisor Online Booking
Link Guestlink with TripAdvisor for increased exposure

TripAdvisor is one of the biggest customer reviews websites in the world and is now offering online booking functionality. This means that when a customer reads all the fantastic reviews about your business they can book straight away.

By using Guestlink to update your TripAdvisor page you can reduce the risk of double bookings as all the bookings are managed in one central system.

Got a TripAdvisor account?

TripAdvisor Online Booking

Go to and you will be guided through the initial set up process. Firstly, you will need to be logged in to your Trip Advisor Account, select the "Get Started" option at the bottom of the Trip Connect page.

Please note TripAdvisor have their own charges for advertising and these are in addition to the 4% commission charged by Guestlink.

Sign up for Guestlink + Affiliates


You will need to be signed up for Guestlink + Affiliates before you can integrate online booking on your TripAdvisor page.

In addition to TripAdvisor, the list of websites bookable through Guestlink + Affiliates is increasing all the time. These include many destination websites and national websites like; Roomcheck and iknow-uk.

 Download sign up form


Now you have setup your TripAdvisor account and signed up for Guestlink + Affiliates you are ready to setup the link between the two for automatic updates. Follow the below instructions to get it all working.

TripAdvisor Configuration


Linking your TripAdvisor account with Guestlink

Login into the TripAdvisor and select NVG as your TripConnect partner.
Confirm your rates and availability - confirm the rates and availability your internet booking engine is providing. Confirm that the availability and rates for the dates shown match what you actually have in your inventory.
Verify your booking page - Verify that the online booking pages being pointing to are correct for each language your website is available in. Make sure that the name, address, and all other information on each page matches your business’ details.
Set up your TripConnect bids - You will need to decide if you want to enter a campaign budget or end date. If you set a campaign budget, you will be charged the bid amount for each click you receive, until you reach the budgeted amount. If you set a campaign end date, you will pay the bid price for each click until your campaign ends. When your budget expires, or on that end date, your link will be removed from the pricing and availability search results and you will no longer receive traffic through TripConnect. Decide if you want to set a daily spend. The daily spend limits the amount spent each day. It can help you stretch out your budget or ensure that you won’t overspend in a short period of time. If you’re new to CPC advertising, it may make sense to use this feature until you’re more familiar with the traffic you can expect. Finally, decide if you want to appear in results on desktop, mobile or both and review your average bids for each. TripConnect will automatically set your bids so your link appears in the first position across all TripAdvisor domains. You can choose to adjust your bids for each market. The advanced settings page will show how your average positions and forecast spend will change based on your adjustments.
Confirm your payment information - you will confirm that the billing and credit card information TripAdvisor have on file is accurate. You can also enter a new credit card or address in this step. You will need to review and accept the TripConnect Terms and Conditions to finalise the sign up process.
Once you have completed the confirmation of your payment details step, your setup is complete. You will be ready to start collecting even more direct bookings with TripConnect when your campaign goes live.

Please note, it can take up to 24 hours for your campaign to activate.

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