Guestlink + Web Booking
Taking bookings on your website

GL Web Booking

Guestlink + Web Booking enables you to take online booking through your own website and is fully configurable.

We offer three integration methods to ensure you get the best from the product and increase your bookings.

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Full Page Integration

The Full Page implementation enables you to:

  • Upload a logo or banner graphic to fit in with your branding and other pages on your website with a customisable background colour.
  • Choose the colour and theme - with a colour picker and manual entry available so you can perfectly match your website.
  • Choose the type of grid - you can choose which type of availability grid you wish to display to make it as easy as possible for your guests to book.
  • Choose the details to be displayed - this is all controlled from your Guestlink account so if you change your mind later you can select more options or remove an option.
  • Guestlink + Reviews - if you are signed up for reviews these can be displayed on the page to further entice the visitor to book.
  • Display a map with directions - this includes a link to Google maps and the latitude and longitude of your business.
  • Show your facilities with all the standard symbols.
  • Show your Self-Assessed Accessibility details to show the level of access you have to your property.
  • Enable Google Translate - this enables you to appeal to overseas visitors without the need to write multiple versions of your page in different languages.
  • Add Footer links to create smooth transition back to the other parts of your website.

This integration can be linked to from any part of your website including the navigation. We recommend you make the most of your integration by having multiple links to the page so the customer can find the grid easily from anywhere on the website.

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Web Booking - Full page integration

iFrame Integration


The iframe integration enables you to:

  • Display your availability and pricing and take online bookings
  • Put the integration on any of your existing pages with your navigation
  • Customise the colours to match your website for seamless integration

You can include Guestlink + Reviews within your iFrame or you can implement it separately using the Reviews widget.

Remember if you have signed up to Annual Guestlink + Web Booking then the + Reviews option is FREE.

Please contact the Guestlink Helpdesk to activate the Free Guestlink + Reviews option.

Single room/unit Grid

If you have a page on your website dedicated to a room/unit with full details you may wish to display the availability for only that room/unit. You can still display the full grid on your website which includes all your rooms/units so you can be sure you don't miss a booking opportunity.
Please note that this option is not available if you are using the Classic grid option as your web booking Availability display.

See Example

Get the coding for your website

Time to integrate!

Login to Guestlink and navigate to Channels > + Web Booking.

Select the Implementation method you wish to use; iFrame or Full page.

Choose the options you wish to display, setup your colours and font style to match your website then click the save button.

Expand the Integrating with Your Website section, copy and paste the coding to either add it to your website yourself or pass it to your web designer.

It is as easy as that!

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