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GL Web Booking

This page will guide you through all the options available in Guestlink + Web Booking to ensure you make the most of the functionality on your website.

Please note you will need to choose which type of integration you wish to use before completing any of the setup instructions below.

For full details of each integration option please see our Integrations Options section for Web Booking.

Choose your Availability Display

We offer three options for the display of your availability whether you choose the iframe or full page integration to allow the best view for customers when viewing on different devices.

You can choose from the below combinations

  • Detailed on large screen, summary on small screen
  • Detailed on large and small screens
  • Summary on large and small screens
  • Classic grid on large screen, summary on small screen

*Please note if you choose to use the classic grid you will not be given the option to integrate an iframe for a single unit.

Detailed Availability Grid
Detailed Grid

Gives full details of each unit and availability including images and descriptions

Summary Availability Grid
Summary Grid
Gives a summary of your availability but no additional details such as images and descriptions
Classic Availability Grid
Classic Grid
All availabilty for all units is displayed on large screens with clickable links to room descriptions and details

Choosing what details to show

Choose what details from your Guestlink account you wish to display on your grid or full page option using the Content Fields section under Channels > + Web Booking.
Fields to display example

Choosing your colours to match your website


You can choose the colours displayed on your grid and information using the Look and Feel section of Channels > + Web Booking. This means you can further customise the grid to match your website theme.
We recommend you make sure you book button is a bright call to action colour and stands out from the rest of the page. You should also check the colours work after you have chosen your grid layout so they are right for both desktop and mobile versions.
Web Booking colours

Adding a Header and Footer

You can add a Header and Footer to your grid, this is especially important if you are using the Full Page integration. 

If your website has an image that is displayed on each page or you simply have images you wish to show then you can upload these in the Header and Footer section under My Channels > + Web Booking.

Header and Footer example

Google Translate


You may add Google Translate to your Guestlink + Web Booking page. This will translate the page into a language of the users choosing. Google translate works with the below list of languages.

Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Traditional)

Booking Page Questions

You may add extra questions to ask your guests at the time of booking to prepare for their stay, such as whether they have any allergies.
Type a question (which is shown to the user) and a short code (displayed to you in the booking details rather than the full question), choose the format for answering it, and (if applicable) enter the list of options you wish to give the user.
When you have saved the question, it will appear in your list of questions. When you are happy it, tick the 'Include' box to make it appear on your Guestlink + Web Booking customer details form.
Booking page questions example

Adding Google Analytics

If you use Google Analytics on your website, you may have users tracked from your main website through Guestlink + Web Booking all the way to the booking confirmation. This will allow you to see how many people look at your availability, how many start a booking, and how many follow it through to completion.
In order to take advantage of this, you need to enter your Google Analytics key in the Google Analytics section of Channels > + Web Booking and you also need to amend the address of your Guestlink + Web Booking page.
Since Google Analytics is third-party content, the law on third-party cookies requires that you have the user's consent to use it.

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