Make the most of your website

If you have already invested in your own website you will be well aware of how powerful it is as a way of engaging with your guests.Once you have attracted their interest, they will want to check your price and availability, and hopefully, make a booking. They will also expect to see reviews from previous guests so they can make an informed choice.

Make the most of your website by integrating an online booking grid and showing off your reviews using Guestlink.

Make online booking easy
Increase conversions
Increase bookings by making the customer experience quick and easy
Save time
Save time
One integrated system to update will save you hours!
Monitor your statistics
Make informed decisions based on your statistics

Take bookings through your website


More and more people are booking online and visitors will often choose to book on a provider's own website; Guestlink + Web Booking makes this easy.

By integrating this convenient and easy to use tool with your website you could significantly increase your bookings.

Guestlink work with a range of Merchant Account Providers to enable you to take online payment at the time of booking. You will need an existing account with the provider but integration with Guestlink is FREE.

Choose from:

Online booking made easy

Make online booking easy!

Make the most out of your own website and integrate an easy to use web booking grid to maximise your online bookings.

Book direct: Visitors look and book directly on your own website

Lowest price: Offer lower prices for your website

Low cost: No sky high commissions

Easy to use: Manage bookings in Guestlink

Update once: keep all Guestlink powered websites up-to-date

Easy to integrate: We supply the coding

Match your website: configurable fonts and colours

Make the most of your website today and signup for Guestlink + Web Booking. We could have you up and running within the week!

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Display your customer reviews

Reviews are a great way of showing your potential guests just how great your property is in the eyes of guests who have stayed with you.
Guest reviews have become more and more important to customers and build a level of trust for your property before they even arrive!
With companies such as TripAdvisor becoming one of the first places customers go before booking why not show off your property on your own website and encourage the potential customer to book there and then.

Show off customer feedback

When a guest books through Guestlink we will send a review request 3 days after their stay to invite them to complete a review for your property.

The review is automatically sent to your Guestlink account where you can see it to ensure that it is fair and factual before it goes live on your website.

Entice: future guests love reading what previous customers had to say

Closed: Only customers who have stayed can leave a review

Easy to integrate: We supply the coding

Low cost: FREE with annual Guestlink + Web Booking

Start making the most of your customer feedback today with Guestlink + Reviews!

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Genuine Customer Reviews

Do you offer extras?

Enhance your guests' stay by offering them the option to purchase extras when they book your property online. This can help you increase the value of your bookings and make your guests' stay extra special.

Wherever you take online bookings through Guestlink you could be selling extras such as flowers, hampers, wine, chocolates or even things like late check outs and pet charges.

Offer that little extra

Offer the little finishing touches

Generate more income: Sell extras to guests before they arrive

Enhance your guests' stay: Make your guests' stay extra special

More choice: Visitors love optional extras

Flexible: May be used to sell a range of different products

No integration required: Extras automatically show on the web booking form

Start offering extras on your website today with Guestlink + Booking Extras!

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You only have to read our case studies to see how much taking online booking through your website can really boost your revenue.

Why not visit our examples website to see all the different integration methods available.

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